PowerPoint 2016 – Làm bao thư gấp cho công ty dạng gấp 3 thế nào?





Think a document that looks this good has to be difficult to format? Think again!

he placeholders in this brochure are formatted for you. Enter your own text with just a click.
If you want to add or remove bullet points from text, just click the Bullets button on the Home tab.


Customize in almost no time

Use your own pictures instead of ours! Just click a picture, press the Delete key, then click the icon to add your picture.


What to include in a brochure like this?

We know you could go on for hours about how great your business is. (And we don’t blame you—you’re amazing!)
But since you need to keep it short and sweet here, maybe try a summary of competitive benefits at left and a brief success story here in the middle.
The right side of this page is perfect for those glowing testimonials and a list of key products or services.


Focus on what you do best!

Key offerings

Don’t be shy! Show them how fabulous you are. List or summarize key points here about what you do. And here’s one more tip for the road…


Make it picture perfect

If you replace a photo with your own and it’s not a flawless fit for the space, you can crop it to fit in almost no time.
Just select the picture and then, on the Picture Tools Format tab, click Crop.



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