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I. Executive Summary 
II. Methodology 
III. Demographics 
IV. Overall Satisfaction 
V. The Survey 
VI. Survey Results 


Executive Summary

Use the sample content throughout this template to help you get started with planning your client satisfaction (or similar) survey.

Edit and add to the sample content to fit your business and to include the information that you want to gather with your survey. For example, when reporting survey results, you might want to include a summary of key result figures in this executive summary section.

A complete sample survey is also included (at the end of this document) that you can use on its own and customize as needed to create your survey.

Note: To delete any tip (such as this), just click the tip text and then press the spacebar.


Consumers were asked to participate in an anonymous survey to help the company’s customer service department evaluate the effectiveness of their services. The survey included questions about the client’s most recent experience.  It asked questions about their interaction with staff, staff response times; and whether the client’s issue was resolved. The survey also asked respondents to give an overall summary of their experience. A total of [325] responses were received from a total of [1000] surveys mailed to customers.

Items on the survey were worded as positive statements or direct questions, and included the following topics:

  • Overall communication response time
  • The customer service representative’s level of knowledge
  • Professional characteristics of the customer service representative
  • Whether the problem had been resolved

Note: The complete survey questionnaire is included later in this document for reference.


The survey forms were developed with input from top managers, executives, and middle managers. A preliminary draft of the survey was then sent to several of the company’s most active clients, who were asked to respond to the questions and make suggestions for possible changes, additions, or deletions.

The final survey form asked respondents about their satisfaction level based on their most recent contact with the company’s customer service department. Customers were asked to complete the questionnaire and return it to the survey administrator in the postage-paid envelope provided.

Questionnaire topics included:

  • Method of contact
  • Response time
  • Representative’s level of knowledge
  • Characteristics of the representative, including attentiveness, courtesy, enthusiasm, friendliness, listening skills, patience, and responsiveness



  • The process used to resolve their issue
  • Overall appearance of the store
  • The convenience of the store’s location

The survey administrator checked returned surveys for missing information and responses that would cause scanning errors. After scanning, the responses were imported into Microsoft® Excel and errors were checked against the individual forms. Data analysis was completed using Excel.

Note: The results reported can only be considered the opinions of the survey participants. They cannot be generalized to represent the entire client population as a whole.


Survey responses are broken out by several demographic categories, as follows:

  • The percentage of respondents are broken out by:
  • Under age 18
  • Age 18 to 44
  • Age 45 – 64
  • Age 65 and above
  • Gender
  • Education level


Overall Satisfaction

The overall level of satisfaction uses an average of replies to quantifiable survey questions, based on a scale of 1 (extremely negative) through 5 (extremely positive). Following is an example summary of demographic areas for which overall satisfaction is calculated:

  • Percentage of respondents younger than 18 or over 64 who expressed less satisfaction than those between the ages of 18 and 64
  • Satisfaction level by gender
  • Satisfaction relative to education level of respondents over the age of 18


The Survey

Customer Service Department Satisfaction Survey

You recently contacted our customer service department.  We want to follow-up to ensure that you were satisfied with the outcome of that contact.

Please help us improve our service by completing this short survey.

After you return your survey using the postage-paid envelope provided, we will send you a gift certificate valued at [$10] to thank you for your time. Please allow four to six weeks for receipt of your gift certificate.











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