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PowerPoint 2016 – Tạo slide show hội nghị công ty thế nào?


  • File / New
  • Company meeting



  • Review of Key Objectives & Critical Success Factors.
  • How did we do?
  • Organizational Overview
  • Top Issues Facing Company.
  • Review of and Progress Against Prior Goals.
  • Revenue and Profit.
  • Key Spending Areas.
  • Headcount
  • Goals for Next Period.


  • What makes company unique.
  • What makes company successful.
  • Shared vision.
  • Review key undertakings of past year.




  • Forecast vs. actual
  • Gross margin
  • Important trends
  • Compare company to rest of market.
  • Use multiple slides to break out meaningful detail.


  • R&D
  • Sales and marketing.
  • General and administration.
  • Areas of improvement.
  • Areas needing attention/caution.



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