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PowerPoint 2010 – Tạo slide show kế hoạch kinh doanh thế nào?




  • Clearly state your company’s long-term mission.: Sứ mệnh dài hạn của doanh nghiệp
  • Try to use words that will help direct the growth of your company, but be as concise as possible:


  • List CEO and key management by name.
  • Include previous accomplishments to show that these are people with a record of success.
  • Summarize number of years of experience in this field.


  • Summarize your market in the past, present, and future.
  • Review those changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, or competition that provide the opportunity for your company’s success.


  • Identify problems and opportunities.
  • State consumer problems, and define the nature of product/service opportunities that are created by those problems.


  • Summarize the key technology, concept, or strategy on which your business is based.


  • Summarize the competition.
  • Outline your company’s competitive advantage


  • List five-year goals.
  • State specific, measurable objectives for achieving your five-year goals.
  • List market-share objectives.
  • List revenue/profitability objectives.


  • Outline a high-level financial plan that defines your financial model and pricing assumptions.
  • This plan should include expected annual sales and profits for the next three years.
  • Use several slides to cover this material appropriately.


  • List requirements for the following resources:
  • Personnel
  • Technology
  • Finances
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Products
  • Services


  • Summarize the risks of the proposed project and how they will be addressed.
  • Estimate expected rewards, particularly if you are seeking funding.


  • Near term
  • Identify key decisions and issues that need immediate or near-term resolution.
  • State consequences of decision postponement.
  • Long term
  • Identify issues needing long-term resolution.
  • State consequences of decision postponement.
  • If you are seeking funding, be specific about any issues that require financial resources for resolution.



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