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PowerPoint 2010 – Tạo Slide Show Corporate Profile bán hàng thế nào?


  • File / New
  • Search từ khóa: Company
  • Employee orientation presentation



  • History of company/company vision
  • Who’s who
  • Company policies
  • Benefits
  • Performance reviews
  • Other resources
  • Required paperwork
  • Summary


  • Year company was founded
  • Company vision and mission statement
  • Company products and services



  • Highlight and review the most important policies
  • Review company business hours
  • Talk about expectations for employees
  • Distribute company handbook



  • State the purpose of performance reviews
  • Describe the frequency and timing of reviews
  • Outline the review process
  • Distribute review forms



  • Point out and explain any forms needing immediate attention
  • Give deadlines for completing new employee paperwork


  • Discuss the topics covered
  • Reiterate your welcome
  • Remind the participants to submit paperwork
  • Wrap up the orientation session



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