Publisher 2016 – Tạo email newsletter thế nào?


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In this issue:

  • Advantages of a Newsletter
  • Add Value to Your Newsletter
  • Second Story
  • Another Story
  • Back Page Story


Advantages of a Newsletter

The purpose of a newsletter is to provide specialized information to a targeted audience. Newsletters can be a great way to market your product or service, and also create credibility and build awareness for you and the services you provide. Use positive customer pull-quote and eye-catching but subtle marketing.


Tips for Producing a Newsletter

Every time you produce your newsletter, ask yourself:

Q: Who are our readers?

A: Existing customers and potential customers.

Q: What will our readers want to know about our business?

A: Timely, helpful, problem-solving information.


Add Value to Your Newsletter

Keep you content as current a possible. If you publish a monthly letter, ensure you include content from only the last month. Also, use photographs and other visuals to add interest and enable the reader to scan quickly for information.


“Customer quotes, called “pull quotes,” are an excellent way to demonstrate your success and put emphasis on your values. They also add visual interest to your newsletter…”

-Raffaella Bonaldi



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